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Home of kitchen,and botanic herbs

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There are close to 400,000 species of plants on the earth, and more are being discovered daily! Approximately 50% of the drugs that are prescribed today come from a plant source or are man made imitations of plant compounds.

Herbs have been a part of helping people for over 3000 years! In ancient times people used herbs because there was no other choice...there were no prescription medicines. Today research continues to prove that herbs from nature's pharmacy do have a place in helping people stay healthy. From cardiovascular concerns...to digestive problems...to joint stiffness and mental sharpness...there are herbs that can make a difference in the quality of your life

At  Hanijam herbonline   We can

    Personally select each herb for freshness and purity

    Inspect and certify each herb for quality

    Carefully monitor each manufacturing step including milling, encapsulation and bottling of every Nature's herb and formula

    Encapsulate all of our own Herb Capsules - coming soon
Most herbs are available in several forms and sizes. Click on any herb picture of  all of your choices. to view it benefit 


Black Seed

"A cure for every disease except death." (Sahih Bukhari)

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Moringa  Seed

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